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Based in Los Angeles, California, Sentern is providing practical, beautiful and affordable home appliance products for our customers worldwide. Our vision is to provide our consumers around the globe a convenient and effective life.


With our professional research and development team, Sentern is devoting itself to producing home appliances with an elegant appearance, optimum utility and high quality.

Wide Selection

Sentern is producing and developing high standard home appliances ranging from washing machines, kitchen & dining appliances, patio, lawn & garden appliances and electronics.

Signature Products

Sentern Portable Electric Clear Ice Maker

Ice Maker Machine has a sleek stainless steel body and compact design. You just need to clear a little space on the countertop and it churns out a ton of crystal clear ice cubes. Large see-through window allows for process monitoring & ice level checking. Featuring modern refrigeration technology and powerful yet quiet compressor, Sentern ice cube making machine produces harder and denser ice cubes, which melts much more slowly, and chill your drink without diluting its taste or quality.

Sentern 2.65 Cu.Ft Compact Laundry Dryer

Integrate the house hold convenience of heated drying into your home with the Sentern Compact Tumble Dryer. Equipped with several key features, the Sentern Tumble Dryer is designed to provide all of the primary components of a standard size dryer without compromising on product quality or drying capabilities.

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